By: Drew Zebarth.                                                                                                                                                             October 9th, 2023

Caleb Williams is one of the best Quarterbacks in all of college football. In 2022 he threw for 4,537 yards, 42 touchdowns, and only 5 interceptions.

Caleb Williams is reportedly making 2.6 Million dollars a year while playing for the University of Southern California.  This money is coming from NIL (Name, Image, and likeness). Since 2021 the NCAA has allowed for college athletes to be compensated based on their name, image and likeness.  This has completely altered college sports especially college football.  Athletes are now making partnerships, brand deals and sponsorships for all different types of companies.

NIL is enticing for companies and brands as it allows for new marketing methods with college athletes.

The #1 Pick in this years NFL draft is projected to make 41 million dollars on their rookie contract.  Majority of this comes from the 27 million dollar signing bonus, while the rest would be from their actually salary spread out over 4 years.  It is rumored that Caleb Williams said he only wanted to play for 5 teams in the NFL.

Caleb Williams is the projected #1 NFL Draft pick.  His athletic abilities, vision, and fundamentals at the quarterback position is the best college football has seen in the last few years.  If he decided to use all of his eligibility and stay in college for 1 more year, I think the entire football world would be shocked.  He is the clear favorite to be the #1 pick and make an estimated 41 million dollars on his rookie contract.  The power and opportunity that NIL has provided college athletes with is amazing, in this case it gives Caleb the option to return to school if the team that is going to have the first pick is one that he does not want to play for.