Jj Perdido
Guest Blogger

In early November, former top Olympic tennis player Peng Shuai posted on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, about her experience with sexual assault involving Zhang Gaoli, former Vice Premier and member of China’s ruling Communist Party. Shortly after, the post was removed from her account and Peng was later missing for several weeks. However, she would reappear on Sunday, November 20th. Peng was found courtside at a Beijing tournament. She had also met with the International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach via a video call, later on Sunday. Peng mentioned that she was safe and living in her home in Beijing, but wanted her privacy respected.

Credit: Zhizhao Wu/Getty
Despite her stating that she is well, there is still suspicion around her situation. The photos and video do not make it clear as to whether or not she is able to make decisions on her own. As mysteriously as she had disappeared, she had reappeared. This raises more questions such as what caused her to disappear? How can we confirm that she is with family in her home? Who had the post removed? Among many other questions, this story is nowhere near complete. There are many missing pieces that we do not know which brings concerns to the wellbeing and safety of Peng and her family.