Post Written by: Jj Perdido; MCVA Sports Intern


As the 2022 Winter Olympics grow closer, so does the number of countries that are pulling out of the games. The United States was the first country to announce their boycotting of the games, despite China warning that nations will “pay the price for their mistaken acts.” Among other countries joining the United States were Australia, The United Kingdom, and Canada. Athletes from these countries will be able to compete in the games, but no diplomats from these countries will be sent to Beijing for the Olympic games.

I think there is a clear issue here that needs to be addressed. This concern for human rights was ignited by Peng Shuai’s disappearance after posting on social media that she was sexually assaulted by a Chinese government official. Peng even came out recently stating that she had never posted such a thing. The entire situation has only gotten worse over the past few weeks, and these countries are truly making a statement that human rights is an international issue and priority. This boycott is stating that China has to recognize and practice that.