$480. That’s what minor league catcher, Jack Kruger, was making every two weeks after being drafted in 2016. Despite being taken in the 20th round of the 2016 MLB Draft by the Rangers, Kruger worked his way through the minors, being named to two all-star teams in the process, and started the 2021 season in AAA Ball. His paycheck after years of hard work and dedication? Roughly $1,000 a month.

As the MLB and MLBPA continue to negotiate a new deal this winter, the MLB has proposed cutting the Domestic Reserve List from 180 to 150, according to Jeff Passan’s article. This effectively eliminates hundreds of minor league playing jobs. The list, which controls how many minor leaguers can be on a team’s roster at any time, has been a topic of discussion for the league numerous times, but each time the Players Association has rejected proposals to cut jobs. Major changes were already made to the minor leagues when the MLB cut 42 teams from playing in 2020, eliminating countless jobs.

Now the league again is looking for a way to take away more jobs from players who already have it rough. “…You have guys working 3 jobs in addition to training, guys who are homeless, guys who can’t support their families,” said Kruger who published a Twitter thread Wednesday morning about the issue. An article written by ESPN’s Joon Lee last September showcases more stories of minor leaguers struggling to get by with their baseball salaries.

After seeing more and more players speak up on this issue, I think it’s time for the media to address what’s going on here. These guys are chasing their dreams and sacrificing everything they have to do so. The MLB raised pay for minor leaguers slightly for the 2021 season, but it is still not enough to make ends meet for the players, some of whom have families to provide for. A media spotlight on this issue could lead to a change for the better. With MLB players making millions of dollars, there is clearly money to spare for those who are grinding day in and day out to one day play alongside those guys in the major league. We need to continue to bring awareness to this situation and get these players some justice. Sleeping in cars or sharing two-bedroom apartments with seven other players shouldn’t be an option for someone playing for a major sports organization. They deserve better.