Are you interested in learning more about what it’s like to work in sports media? MCVA Booth Review just released a new podcast called Setters in Sports, where students speak to Pace alumni who work in the sports media industry. 

The first Setters in Sports podcast was released on Monday, April 25, 2022 and was hosted by student Sequoia Cumming. The podcast features Pace Alumni Michelle West, who is an associate producer of the Olympic channel at NBCUniversal. She has been with NBC going on nine years now. During the podcast, Michelle gives insights into some of her roles inside and outside of her title of associate producer. Sometimes she is additionally editing video or in the control room assistant directing or producing. Her roles often vary depending on the projects she is working on. 

Michelle also goes further in-depth about what it was like being a news intern at NBC and how it helped her to realize her interests. During her time at Pace, she worked for the student newspaper, known at the time as The Paw Print. There, she came to realize that she got the most enjoyment from creating feature stories. Michelle says that working in sports media has allowed her to get a combination of the various passions that she discovered during her internships and time at Pace. She gets to take part in the chaos of live event coverage, but she is also able to focus on the stories. 

Now at NBC, she is primarily under the Olympic channel, which is essentially Olympic sports all year-round. Since the start of the 2021 Olympics, Michelle has mainly focused on diving. In May, she produced a broadcast for the world cup qualifier, where teams could clench for their host country to make the remaining sports. A few months later, in June, she was out at the diving trials working in the tape truck where she was calling replays and producing highlights. 

Michelle also has two Emmy wins under her belt for her work in the Sochi Olympics. There, she worked in the digital department, where she cut and edited features on athletes. Something that she loved about this work was that there were no time limits or restrictions. The team was able to produce whatever they wanted, which allowed them to see what their viewers enjoyed the most. Michelle feels incredibly lucky that they were able to win two categories at the Emmys that year. 


Associate Producer of the Olympic channel at NBCUniversal, Michelle West