“The land of the free.” Those words have been in question considering the recent events that have taken place in the United States. In June, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, a federal law which protects and grants the liberty of women to choose to have an abortion. The Court declared the decision be reversed, claiming that at the time of the original ruling, the decision was wrong, weak, damaging, and implied “an abuse of judicial authority.” Roe v. Wade has implied freedom for nearly 50 years, and being a landmark decision, it carried with it a historical and legal significance. Once overturned, frustration and indignation was evident in the American public, the majority of which disagrees with the Court decision. Protests have been made since, on the streets and social platforms. Athletes and sports leagues have raised their voices as well through their social media, supporting what seems to be now a fight to get back a right.

Megan Rapinoe, an American professional soccer player, known for going against gender discrimination and supporting athlete’s activism, black people’s rights, and LGBT equality, expressed her anger and sadness over the Supreme Court decision. “I think the cruelty is the point because this is not pro -life by any means.” Rapinoe also emphasized her individual perspective on women having to constantly face unfairness. “How difficult it is to live in a country where you have a constant unrelenting violent tied against you and onslaught as a woman.” But Rapinoe wasn’t the only one who seemed disgusted by the Court decision – the news resulted in other leagues voicing their thoughts.

The NBA and WNBA also highlighted their disapproval on the Court decision. On their Twitter accounts, they expressed their support on women’s rights. “Women should be able to make their own decisions concerning their health and future, and we believe that freedom should be protected.” The WNBA also pointed out that they stand by those who “fear for the repercussions of the Supreme Court decision.” Although women will fight to protect their rights, men seem to be raising their voice in favor of women’s rights to abortion.

Stefan Frei, a Swiss-American soccer player, currently playing as a goalkeeper for Seattle Sounders FC, posted on his twitter account, where he strongly emphasizes gun rights, but not reproductive rights.

For centuries, women have been sexually assaulted, and have gone against their will due to laws that didn’t exist to protect their rights. Roe v. Wade being overturned not only affects women’s choices for abortion, but it threatens their body autonomy – leaving their health at stake. The U.S. Supreme Court’s abortion decision is not about life, but control.