Seven Michigan State football players are being charged following the Michigan Stadium tunnel scuffle that happened last month.

After the Wolverines’ dominating 29-7 win over the Spartans on Oct. 29th, several videos surfaced that showed Michigan players Gemon Green and Ja’Den McBurrows being attacked by a number of MSU players. Following the incident, investigations were launched immediately with Michigan State Police, MSU Police Department, University of Michigan Division of Public Safety and Security, and even The Big Ten.

The Washtenaw County Prosecutors office announced charges against seven MSU players involved within the brawl. The charges range from as serious as felonious assault to aggravated assault and assault and battery, which are misdemeanors. MSU Defensive Back Khary Crumb is being charged with the most serious punishment with a felony, after video was released of him striking Gemon Green with his helmet, giving Green a concussion.

In light of the incident, MSU head coach Mel Tucker suspended eight players indefinitely for their involvement. Of the eight players, the only one who is not facing criminal charges is Defensive Back Malcolm Jones. Since Jones was not charged, coach Tucker announced on Saturday that Jones will be reinstated to the team. There has been no news regarding the other seven players.

College football fans from everywhere went to social media to share their opinions on the post-game melee. Many were sympathetic for Green and McBurrows. Some even claimed that the reason why they weren’t with the rest of the team was they had family in town, and they were rushing to see them. Others were infuriated, pleading for the NCAA to forfeit the Spartans remaining games. One user even went on to say that an additional player should be investigated, claiming that MSU Wide Receiver Jayden Reed was a part of the group that kicked Green.

Gemon Green’s father also revealed that they will be pressing charges against the players who struck his son. Noted attorney Tom Mars will represent Green. “When college football players brutally attack a member of the opposing team with their helmets, resulting in the player suffering a concussion and other injuries, an apology won’t suffice,” Mars said in a statement to ESPN. “I’ve got news for the MSU players who did this to Gemon. They are going to feel the full wrath of the law.”

I believe that all seven MSU players that were criminally charged should be held accountable and receive severe consequences for their actions. We cannot allow an athlete to be caught on camera being brutally beaten, and all that result is a suspension for a season with just two games left. We should be glad that the two Michigan players are not seriously injured and are recovering.

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