For the second year in a row, Tom Brady has announced his ‘official’ retirement. The 45-year-old quarterback took to Instagram last Wednesday and announced his retirement from the NFL.

The storied quarterback will go down as arguably the greatest NFL player of all time. The sheer amount of records and achievements Brady has accumulated over his 23-year career is unprecedented. Brady holds a number of NFL records such as; most regular season passing yards (89,214), most career touchdown passes (649), most playoff wins (35), most passing yards in a playoff game (505), and Brady has won the most Super Bowls with seven. Plus let’s not forget to mention the numerous honors and awards he’s earned. Brady is a 15-time Pro Bowl selection, three-time league MVP, five-time Super Bowl MVP, and was the 2009 Comeback Player of the Year. So while many reporters and columnists will argue about who the greatest player of all time is, it’s quite obvious that Brady has to be in that conversation.


Brady’s announcement literally broke the media. Everywhere you looked on Wednesday, you saw Tom Brady. In a matter of minutes, Brady’s retirement post took the nation by storm. It was the number one trending topic on Twitter for the entirety of the day. On Twitter, his post garnered 124.3 million views, while his original post on Instagram is one of his most-liked posts already at 3.2 million likes. Brady’s announcement was the focus of sports talk media coverage across every major sports outlet such as ESPN and Fox Sports as the media reflected on Brady’s career. 

I honestly think the real question at hand here is if Tom Brady is actually retired for good. While Brady says this time it’s  “for good”. You can’t help but wonder if it’s actually for good, especially after his retirement last year that lasted a very long… 40 days.

Also, the fact that Brady recently announced that he’s pushing back his broadcast debut with Fox to the fall of 2024, it’s not hard to see why people speculate about the ‘for good’ part of this retirement.

Personally, I’m on the fence about whether or not Tom is actually retired. On one hand, he didn’t look good in his final game against the Cowboys, and while he was able to will the Buccaneers into playoffs, he didn’t quite play like the Tom Brady that NFL fans are used to seeing. So maybe it is time that he retires.

On the other hand, there are a number of teams in the NFL, the prime example being the San Francisco 49ers, that feel like they have an exceptional roster and are just a quarterback away from winning a Super Bowl. So if Tom were out there, as an NFL front office, why not take a flyer on Brady for a season and maybe come out of it with a championship.

So to give an official answer, I think that the end of free agency/the 2023 NFL Draft is the deadline. If Brady doesn’t unretire in the next two and a half months, then yeah I think he’s officially done. But as we’ve seen before, the only real person who knows if Tom Brady’s actually retired is, Tom Brady.