By: Drew Zebarth                                                                                                      September 26th, 2023

In 2022 the University of Colorado finished their football season with 1 win and 11 losses.  In 2023 they are 3-1 all thanks to the man pictured above.  Head coach Deion Sanders also known as “Coach Prime” who came in during the spring of 2023 and began to make immediate adjustments to create a more successful team.

Coach Prime had coached at Jackson State a HBCU in Mississippi for the last 3 years, where he had only lost 6 games in 3 seasons.  Coach Prime came into Boulder with a total of 86 new players this season and challenged all the players who were currently at Colorado to prove to him that they belonged there.

The popularity and hype around his program has taken over and hosted tons of celebrities, pregame talk shows and created a real buzz in the college football world.

The Buffaloes have faced adversity in every game thus far but the following games are only going to be more challenging.  On September 23rd  #19 Colorado is set to face off the #10 ranked Oregon Ducks.  The following week they are scheduled to face The University of Southern California (USC) who is currently ranked as the 5th best college football team in the country.  These games will be very difficult for the Buffaloes, even more so because Colorado’s best player, Travis Hunter will not be on the field this week due to an injury he suffered last week after a late hit.


We have all become witnesses to history as Deion and the Buffaloes continue to move the needle. The Buffaloes are quickly becoming America’s team and have also just sold out of tickets for the rest of the season.  Colorado football pulled in 9.3 million views vs rival Colorado state.  This was the 5th most watched college football game ever, and the largest viewed night game in college football history. Truly amazing things that Deion and this team have been able to accomplish for the University and the Program thus far.

Shedeur Sanders

 This team has grabbed the attention of millions of people from around the country with their swagger and competitiveness.  Let’s hope this program can keep winning games and making history.