By: Drew Zebarth                                                                                                                                                       December 6th, 2023

Florida State university football team just finished their regular season going 13-0 in the ACC.  Sadly after doing everything they possibly could do to extend their season and compete for a national championship, the college football playoff committee did not select FSU. Notably, Florida State was excluded, becoming the first undefeated power conference champion to ever miss out on the field.  During week 11 star quarter back Jordan Travis broke his leg and was carted off the field. Which is being assumed that this is why the committee did not select FSU.

Florida state won every game they played in this year including 2 non conference games vs LSU and Florida on the road.  This team has a strong defense and a dominant offense which helped them go undefeated.  The two teams that the committee put in over FSU are Texas and Alabama.  Two very good football teams as well.  However they each had 1 loss during the regular season.  During week 3 of the regular season Texas visited Tuscaloosa Alabama to take on the Crimson Tide.  Texas won this game 34-24.

Alabama has not looked like the Alabama team we are used to seeing.  Alabama had its struggles this season despite finishing 12-1 and SEC champions.  Alabama was able to sneak out a few close wins.  After losing to Texas, Alabama came out the following week and defeated unranked USF by 14 points where they were tied 3-3. at halftime.  Alabama also just snuck by unranked Texas A&M winning by 6 points and barely beating unranked Arkansas by 3 points.  Alabama by no means dominated the SEC during the regular season but they pulled it together to defeat Georgia in the SEC championship.

The committee came out after deciding that the undefeated FSU team would not be in this years college football playoff and had this to say.


People love to say that FSU does not deserve to be in the CFP because of the injuries Jordan Travis had,  It is unethical to keep a team that went 13-0 and won the ACC out of the CFP.  Next year when the new playoff bracket includes 12 teams, I dont think there will be as much controversy in the future.  FSU is a talented team and it is a shame that this was the final decision.  Players and staff of the FSU football team put hundreds of hours of hard work into this season and did everything they possibly could just to fall short based on the decision of a committee.

🚨 | ESPN has finally admitted that the CFP Committee was plotting to steal Florida State’s Playoff spot for WEEKS

Michigan is set to play Alabama in the Rose Bowl in the semi finals of the playoffs.  Michigan has the best offensive line in the country for the third year in a row and I dont see them slowing down now.  Michigan is going to run the ball hard against a big Alabama front, and I predict the aggressive defense from Michigan will be able to get home and make this game difficult for Alabama quarterback Jalen Milroe.  Michigan defeats the Crimson Tide by a touchdown.

Washington is set to play Texas in the Sugar Bowl on the opposite side of the bracket in the semi finals.  Washington has looked strong all year and has had great success with Quarterback with Michael Penix. Washington is coming off a huge victory after defeating Oregon in the Pac12 Championship.  With that being said Texas has played lots of exciting and good football this season as well.  They suffered a difficult loss to #12 Oklahoma in week 6, however they were able to get back on track and closed out the season with a dominant win in the Big 12 championship game over Oklahoma st.

Michigan vs Texas is my championship game prediction.  This matchup would be challenging for both teams and entertaining for us fans at home.  After a hard fought battle I think Texas and quarterback Quinn Ewers come out victorious with a gritty win.  #Hookem