Selling out stadiums, number-one hits, and, of course, Grammy Awards are all under Taylor Swift’s belt. She is now unquestionably one of the most successful and significant musicians of our time, having won thirteen Grammy Awards. Her latest venture into the sports world with her new boyfriend, Travis Kelce has fans giddy.

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For years now, Taylor Swift has attracted attention for reasons other than her musical abilities amid her different friendships and relationships. Recently, she has been romantically linked to none other than Travis Kelce, a well-known athlete and Kansas City Chiefs player. Fans and the media have taken an interest in their high-profile relationship.

Taylor Swift’s involvement in the sports industry goes beyond speculating on her personal life, of course. As one of today’s top artists with millions of followers on Instagram, she can inspire and influence millions worldwide because of her platform. Wherever it is bringing new people to watch the games or support the Kansas City Chief Taylor is bringing a new audience to the N.F.L.

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But while many of her fans are happy to see more of Taylor, the question is how does the rest of the non-Swifty world see this major attention she is getting?

With a simple Google search asking “Taylor Swift N.F.L game,” it is easy to see that most articles are about how many fans she brings in, with USA Today writing, “Parents share heartwarming stories of how Taylor Swift has inspired girls to watch the NFL” and CNN “Taylor Swift, a pop culture juggernaut, propels ‘Sunday Night Football’ to record ratings.”

It is clear that all that truly matters is that Taylor is bringing more fans and more views to the weekly games. The New York Times wrote, “While Ms. Swift’s presence dramatically expanded the audience for Chiefs games — Nielsen Media Research estimated an additional two million women watched Kansas City’s game on Oct. 1.”

Even better, Taylor may become a source of motivation for the Chiefs and, more particularly, Travis. As he said in a recent interview, he wishes to equal Taylor in ger Grammy success by bringing home some success himself


One thing is certain as fans anxiously anticipate Swift’s next move: her limitless creativity and constant dedication will keep pushing her to new levels of success. Taylor Swift is still an unstoppable force in the entertainment industry, whether it’s through her Grammy wins or her ability to win over sports fans everywhere.